Monday, March 14, 2016

Patience for Quality

Last week I bought myself a Veho Muvi K2; a little action camera kinda of like a GoPro. It's definitely not as high quality, but does record a little bit of video like it says it does. I made my first YouTube video with it. Check that out here!

When comparing the video quality, I noticed it is definitely taking 720p video (or worse, it's honestly not very good quality), and upscaling to 1080p. It doesn't do true full HD 1080p like it advertises. I've given it my best shot, and I just can't bring myself to like it enough to keep it. I'm going to return it and save a little more for a something better. Might be a GoPro. Honestly should be what I get for how interchangeable all it's parts are. I'll do more research and see what I come up with.

I know Nikon is releasing a "4k 360 degree" action camera sometime this year. I'm on the email list to receive updates on it. It supposedly shoots full 360 degrees with two cameras. That could provide for some really cool video. Need to focus on what I'm really wanting though. First thing first, I want an action camera that's easy for me to get good quality footage with while I embark on some adventures. I've needed one for a long while, so it's about time I invest in one. Although I did invest in one... It was not the best investment.

Or perhaps I'm wrong and being way too picky, and when I get a GoPro Hero 4 Black or something else expensive and "awesome" I won't be as impressed either. Time will tell. I need to be patient, and understanding.

Almost more to improve on. More to dream about. More to live for. Greater things to discover. I'm happy to see where some of my friends and family are. I want to be like them! I look up to so many people. I'm so proud to have such influential examples in my life!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Daily Fight

I am no philosopher. I am no scholar. I am in no way perfect. I am still here, so I am still learning. But along this path I stumble, I continue to learn a little better, to be a little stronger, to shine my light a little brighter. I'd like to share that light from time to time, even if it may not be the shiniest. The more we shine, the brighter we can become. Having said that...

Life is hard. We all know this. I've heard before, "If it were easy, it wouldn't be worth it." Or, "If life is easy, you're doing something wrong." While this is true, I also think the constant effort put into good habits can make life much easier. Easier to bear, to cope, or understand. We will certainly make wrong choices. But we will definitely make good ones too. Every day is a perfect opportunity to be better than the previous. It's a constant fight to improve.

Taking the spiritual side of things, we really are fighting to be better. There are good spirits, who want us to be good, and succeed. And there are bad spirits, who only want to make us as miserable as they are. Both watch us, and are aware of what make us happy or sad. Hence often times good things we don't expect, or feel we don't deserve, happen to us from time to time. These things are typically dissimilar and vary each time. But the bad things seem to remain quite constant. Some of the hardest things we have to battle end up being repetitious, and circular. While a good spirit, wants us to have new experiences, to grow, and progress, and reach new great height, a bad spirit only strives to bring us back to where we came from, to remind us of our past, to keep us from ever leaving any lowly pit we previously crawled ourselves into.

Well, I'm here to say we don't have to stay in that pit forever. It feels hard to leave those low points, when the demons don't want us to leave. The past is in the past. Every new day is a chance to move on, to look for the learning experience in yesterday, to improve on it, to be better. The marvel of being human, is we are capable of doing almost anything we put diligence and hard work into. Sometimes that also requires working together. Especially when you're in a relationship. Whether it's your family, a friend, a husband, a wife, a child, a co-worker. Our family and serious relationships, those things that attract the best side of our hearts, are some of the most precious relationships we have. They can be the most important to our growth. "Fighting" for a relationship is not fighting the person you're interested in. It's fighting the demons that don't want you to succeed, that want to convince you the sky is falling. As long as you're both fighting your demons, how can you lose? The fact that we're on this earth, proves we're already stronger than our demons.  It's not to say we wont make mistakes, or errors. But we should remember those for ourselves, to make ourselves better. One of the most detrimental things we can do, is hold on to our past, and let it restrict us. That is only worse, when we hold on to someone else's past. Then, not only are we reminding them of their failure, but we're letting a past we had absolutely no control over, damage our present, and our future.

This is not to say we should be tolerant of people who refuse to change, or be repentant. The purpose of repentance, is not only to recognize you've done something wrong, but to forgive yourself, and move on. You remember your past, only to the extent to avoid that same past. And if you fail again, you continue to get back up and go again. Life is an uphill battle.

But what if I told you, that there are times we must also repent for things other have done? Even if we haven't committed a "sin" or an offense, but someone else has. How does that effect us? We made a choice to be offended, to hold a grudge, to judge, to blame. When we feel that way, repentance applies to us the same way. We must try to be better, to be stronger, to learn from the others mistake, but to be kinder also.

I'd like to reference my old puppy here, Laredo. He was a very hyper chocolate lab. He was sometimes smart, but most times silly. They say animals reflect their owners. Laredo fit in our family quite well! He could sit, he could shake paws, he could fetch, he could army crawl, he could intimidate, he could protect. He could love, he could care, he could be concerned. When my cat was spayed, he was very worried about what was wrong with his little fluffy sister as she recovered from anesthesia. But sometimes, he was also a bad dog too... We usually kept him in his kennel at night to sleep in. From time to time, while we were gone, we would leave our pantry door open. Without fail, he would always get into the garbage. When we got home, his tail would be between his legs, he would looks worried and sad, apologetic. We would know immediately that he was guilty of getting into the garbage, and he would put himself into his kennel, knowing we would be upset. If he knew we would be upset, why would he do it over and over again? This is not a question I'm really looking to be answered. Dog thought processes are not what this article is about. But in comparison: I would love my dog still. I would clean up his mess, and after a little time out, we would be back to playing fetch. Are we not sometimes this same way? We struggle to be better, but sometimes we still find ourselves back in the garbage, and we know we shouldn't be there, and our world is crumbled when those we love find what we've done.

In retrospect, while Laredo and I are both mammals, I would think I have a greater capacity to learn, to be better. To actually avoid the garbage as I choose to be better. Where ever it is in life that we find ourselves, there will always be garbage to get in. Many times in ways we hadn't predicted. When we recognize this, we must be stronger, we must be better. And most importantly, when our loved ones do it, we should love and care for them still.

Don't take my words as suggesting to be tolerant. My dog never bit anyone. I don't intend to either (people don't taste good anyway). We must gauge how things really are, and try to see others as God see's them. As His children, who will always have much to learn, but have all the potential in the world for good. As long a we are here, we can always be better. Don't give up the up-hill battle. Hold on especially to your family and loved ones as we journey this together.

And most important: Never Stop. Never Quit. Life is Short, so Live Legit.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

One foot after the other

I get a little closer each day to getting the site layout updated. I'm working 3 jobs (one full-time, two part-time), so it's a little hard to focus much time here. Slowly but surely. Eventually things will come down as I can pick up more part time jobs that run themselves! Dreaming of the future. I've been listening a lot to a seminar series called "Becoming Spiritually Centered." My father got them a number of years ago, and had a thought a few weeks ago to obtain a copy for me. Luckily the content owners have kept up on the times, and provided a digital download version. Much easier than swapping out CDs. I have them uploaded to my google play so I can listen to them from any of my devices. I must say, it has been a big help for me in aiding my spiritual view on things. Following a spiritual path, the seminar focuses on creating a constant mindset of seeing all things as trials or tests from Heaven to help us grow. In reality, this is exactly how the gospel of Jesus Christ is supposed to work. I believe the principles taught in this seminar follow truth. Mostly principles that actually come when someone is actively studying the gospel on how to be like Christ. Things I've already learned or understood before, but have yet to master applying in my life everyday, and not just when I'm sad, or faced with a hard trial. Every day is really about facing life with the right attitude. I can stub my toe, and scream obscenities, or I an grunt it and take is as an experience to be more careful in the future. I can face rejection from a girl I'm emotionally invested in, and become depressed, feel worthless and good for no one, hopeless that I'll find a girl to make me happy; or I can appreciate the opportunity to try to become closer with her, and hold on to the good things I saw, felt, or experienced with her. All people have brilliance in them. Just because we aren't walking the same line in this path of life, doesn't mean they are any less wonderful, or have any less potential. Day by day, I feel my patience growing. As I do my best to be my best, and think every situation in a positive way, I am becoming more the man I want to be. I'm learning to not make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions. Step by step, it's making all the difference in my life.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

As long as we keep trying, we'll always find happiness

I may not be a clinical case of depression. But we all experience sad moments, events, days, times. Our emotions make us human. Coincidentally, sometimes we let emotions make us feel less than human. As beings of free-will, we are capable of so much. In the phrase "there is a lot to live for," 'living' can be defined as just being alive. Or, it can be defined (by google) as "[making] one's home in a particular place or with a particular person." The latter definition was what I personally think of when I pondering having a lot to live for. It's not just being physically alive, rather it's where I am in live. Where, what, or whom I call home.  Events take place in our lives which go against our idea of perfect, which is inevitable.

To survive, for me, takes some meditation on what makes me happy. To ponder what great things I have going on in my life, no matter how crappy it gets. There are those in this life, who are simply just alive. I would think they are far and few in-between. Almost everyone has something to be grateful for. Focus on the good things. "Count your blessings," as I have been taught for so many years in church. Find your friends. Be good, loyal and respectful to them. If you're close to your family, or have chance to strength friendship with your family members, do that as well. A strong relationship with your family, has potential for a stronger support and connection than any friend you'll ever have.  Some friends will be best friend forever, and you'll "go way back" in a lifetime of memories. But your family, in most cases, has been there from the beginning.

Focus on the good. Fear, while being a natural reaction, is not healthy to hold onto. Happiness is the ultimate goal for everyday.

I might not be right. But that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Every day is a new day

Been a crazy past couple of months. Social media outlets, like Facebook, seem to bring a lot of weight to one's life. I myself have been making a lot of posts as well. The ups and downs of people commenting, liking, sharing, or not liking my posts. It's not a healthy thing to look forward to and hope for. I've got a lot I'd like to share! Facebook is definitely for smaller thing, among a small group of friends. I'm beginning to finally plan my adventures and other endeavours. I'll be revamping this site to an updated look, and try to make it more blog friendly.

I've got quite a few projects in general that I still need to finish. I've finally finished my first water cooled computer! That was quite an exciting accomplishment. It may be just another worldly thing, that will eventually break down and have to be replaced, but it was a thrilling nerd project, and went just as well as I could have hoped! It's keeping my computer quite cool too. Now if only Fallout4 would stop glitching out... I haven't found anyone online reporting the same issue.

Another project to finish would be my LED Black lights. Although my infinity mirror could use some additional work to compile the wires and power supply. I feel like I've got a few more projects, but I really think those are the big things. The top priority is cleaning up some of my clutter. I need to plan my projects better so I can finish them within a reasonable time. I believe wise planning makes for a more content life anyway. Especially if I'm going to be planning to travel more!

Above all, we should remember to treasure where we are, and not just where we want to be. "The pleasure of what we enjoy, is lost by wanting more." I actually don't know a source for this. It was on a meal ticket for work, and a Google search proved unhelpful to find the true originator.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hacking Skills. Hard Drive ATA Security Unlock

So, I inherited a 2TB hard drive from someone that ripped apart a cloud storage device for fun, and had no use for the hard drive... Random right? I tried using the drive in a server I was making, but the Linux install would freak out any time I tried to format the drive. I figured there was some kind of lock on it, I've never dealt with it before so I've never had to know anything about it. But at last, a reason had risen.

I gave up on the drive, and just a couple days ago decided to use it again. I ordered a second of the same model to use in a mirrored raid setup. Then the true problem surfaced. When I put the hard drive into my computer, and booted up, I was presented with a hard drive password unlock screen from my bios. Answered my previous questions pretty quick on why I couldn't use the drive. First thing I did was try the name of the cloud company the drive was pulled from. I figured if they were going to be as fancy as putting a hard drive lock on it, they weren't going to be that dumb. But why not try? I've prayed on peoples innocent negligence before. Didn't work this time though.

Then it was on to the google searches. For some reason the searches weren't very direct and helpful at first. I had to piece together information on locked drives from several sources, and eventually found a linux work around that did the trick.

Here's a link to a post I made in reply to someone that was the most helpful

Took some work! and about five hours of my time. But I'm glad I figured it out. Since I already have a matching hard drive being shipped to me, I really needed this one to work. The drive was a little on the expensive side compared to another deal I found, but this drive is quiet, and had good reviews. So I figured they could be brothers! And now they will be.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

On to better things

For a long while, this has been my personal web site. Well. Now I want to put it to real use. I'm going to be in development of apps for Android, iPhone and (maybe) Windows Phone, and I'm going to use the Legit name for it.

Originally, the idea behind living legit was going to be a style website where people could post pictures of ligit things they do in life. Whether they hiked the grand canyon, rode motorcycles into the sunset, at the worlds largest steak, or had an epic dance off. All good and fun, but not a million dollar idea, and something that's basically already being done by other websites (like

So I'm going to take a different route with it, that will still have to do with living "legit". Or just experiencing and living life in general. I'm going to be working with a few friends on this, and perhaps if it does as well as we hope, we'll hire some real developers to help us achieve our goals.

Can't release too many details yet until we can get things developed, copyrighted and trademarked. My idea has been attempted by others, but there's a lot more innovation we wish to put into it.

I'll still use this site for some of my personal endeavours, but there will be design and priority changes. May even start the blog over in the name of legitimacy. Haha.

There's so much to live for in life. Why not go out and experience it?